For your health & wellbeing

Solar Panels
In this sunny region the panels provide lots of hot water for showers and keep the pool heated.

Photovoltaic panels to power all the electrical appliances and lighting for free electricity with automatic outdoor lighting.

The villa has thickly insulated walls with natural materials and non-toxic paints, which allow the walls to breathe.

Keeping cool
A heat exchanger has been installed which keeps the house cool in the summer without unhealthy, noisy air conditioning and wonderfully cosy and warm with underfloor heating in the winter months.

Fly screens
Doors and windows are fitted with special fly screens.

Healthy pool

Enjoy the chlorine-free swimming pool, which uses an ionization system to keep it clean instead of using chlorine.  Our guests have told us its like swimming in botted water!

If you are interested we can show you the 'engine room', where all the state-of-the-art eco systems are housed.

Organic household and beauty products

Nikki has campaigned for a more natural, organic lifestyle for over 15 years and works as marketing freelancer for ethical businesses and charities.  She will ensure that only organic cleaning products and laundry detergents are used and will keep the bathrooms stocked up with complementary organic toiletries.  We can provide fragrance-free options if needed.

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